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Acta  de Gerencia Ciencia ( ISSN- 23211741 ), a quarterly journal wishes to promote and disseminate knowledge in the multifarious, multi-disciplinary branches of management science by Continuous Publication Model. The journal encourages theoretical and empirical  articles in the category of original articles,  short notes, review articles  and case studies of relevance to students, academicians, practitioners, executives and employees of business organizations.

The journal would like publish articles from the following areas of management science

Advertising management

Consumer behavior and loyalty management


Educational management

Energy and resource management

Entrepreneurship and Mentoring

Hospitality and tourism management

Human resource management

Innovation and R&D management

Institutional Governance

International business management

Inventory management

knowledge and quality management

Logistics and Supply chain management

Marketing and  operations management

Organizational management

Pharmaceutical and health  care management

Product development and management

Productivity and performance management

Project management

Quality management

Risk and strategy management

Tourism and hotel management


Apart from regular issues, Acta  de Gerencia Ciencia would like to publish special issues on various subjects and commemorative issues to honor luminaries in the field of management science throughout the world on the occasion of special birthdays, or retirement. In special cases, commemorative issues will also be issued to honor eminent personalities in the field of management science who have passed away.


 Why publish with us?

  • Constructive peer review and feed back
  • Single Step “ hassle free”  manuscript submission system
  • Immediate access of your research findings to global audience  through open access model
  • Journal indexed in international indexing authorities  

At present, we are following a traditional editorial workflow in which all the submitted articles are processed in accordance with journals publication process and accepted articles are collated into archival issues. From Vol-2: No-3: 2014 on wards we are moving to Continuous Publication model

What is Continuous Publication model ?

In Continuous Publication model, the articles accepted for publication are published in their final form as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for complete issues.

Why are we switching to Continuous Publication model ?

Acta  de Gerencia Ciencia is an online open access journal and hence the editorial team feels there is no need to wait for the issue building because unlike print, we don't need to gather articles together until a time when they can all be published at once.

 What are the advantages of Continuous Publication model ?

We moved to Continuous Publication model to minimize the (often long) delay between First-on-Online  and issue publication. Continuous Publication model ensures faster publication of articles for authors, fast accessibility of accepted articles for readers, researchers will have full citation details available to them immediately as soon as their articles are accepted for publication and each day there is new content on journal website.

Our journal website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (4 issues per year) regularly. 


Why publish with in Acta  de Gerencia Ciencia ?

  • Constructive and rapid peer review
  • Single Step “ hassle free”  manuscript submission system
  • Immediate access of your research findings to global audience  through open access model
  • Journal indexed in international indexing authorities  


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Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung 

The University of Hong Kong Libraries 

Toronto Public Library 

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Virtual Reference Library 

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